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Social welfare: full details as pandemic unemployment payment will reopen on Tuesday with a maximum rate of € 350

The Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) will reopen on Tuesday and the amount people can receive will depend on their previous income before being made redundant by the Covid-19 restrictions.

People who earned € 400 or more per week will be entitled to the maximum rate of € 350.

Those who receive a salary between € 300 and € 399 will be entitled to € 300.

Workers who earned between € 200 and € 299 will receive € 250.

And € 203 will be paid to people with incomes between € 151.50 and € 200.

A new rate of € 150 will be paid to those who previously earned less than € 151.50.

The Department of Social Protection has said it will use income data to check people’s employment status for any applications it receives.

Applications should be made online through the portal.

Social Protection Minister Heather Humphreys told RTÉ: “If people can show that they have been made redundant due to the restrictions introduced, they will definitely get the support of the PUP.”

Minister Humphreys said people must be made redundant to receive the PUP and if workers see their hours cut, they should consult with welfare offices.

The PUP is reinstated after the government reintroduces the Covid-19 restrictions which will see nightclubs shut down from Tuesday, December 7.

People working in the entertainment industry will also be affected, as indoor capacity is reduced to only 50%.

Publicans, hotel managers and representatives of the entertainment industry met with Taoiseach Micheál Martin, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar, Minister Michael McGrath and Minister Catherine Martin on Monday.

Restaurant Association of Ireland CEO Adrian Cummins said the main purpose of the meeting was to discuss business supports for restaurants, pubs and hotels in terms of criteria for the COVID Recovery Support Scheme ).

The hospitality industry has pointed out that the current 50% threshold criteria excludes the vast majority of hospitality companies from using the program at a crucial time.

The government has said it will review the CRSS criteria and has indicated that the € 5,000 cap will be reviewed.