Lee’s Foundations for Good Governance

More than three decades of policing have taught new Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu four key qualities for achieving good governance, including grasping the nettle and adopting a “results-driven” approach.

In a commentary in Chinese published yesterday in the Wen Wei Po newspaper, Lee said these qualities, along with team spirit and good risk management skills in the face of adversity, are what he learned. during his 35 years with the police.

“These four key qualities can be used in a wide range of governance matters, which will enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and level of governance.”

Hong Kong will celebrate its 25th anniversary since the handover in less than a month, which is an important milestone in proving the successful implementation of one country, two systems, Lee said.

It also proves that one country, two systems is the best safeguard for Hong Kong’s long-term prosperity and stability, he added.

Lee recalled how Hong Kong had seen a series of actions in the past that resisted the one country principle, including protests against national education, the Occupy Central movement, the Mong Kok riots and the anti-extradition law.

The social unrest of 2019, as well as provocations by outside forces, were attempts to break up the city, Lee wrote.

But he added that implementing the city’s national security law and improving the electoral system had brought stability to the territory, a prerequisite for economic prosperity.

“The next five years will be crucial for Hong Kong to move from order to prosperity and this is an important time for Hong Kong citizens to strive together towards new heights,” he said.

Meanwhile, in an interview with the state-run China News Service, Lee said his efforts to form his cabinet are going smoothly and he hopes to form a capable leadership team and build people’s confidence.

Hong Kong’s civil servants are “excellent” and able to carry out the tasks assigned by the senior management team, he said, although he admitted that there was a need to improve the management system within. of the public service.

“Therefore, I have proposed a restructuring of government, while aiming to build team spirit and using a results-oriented approach to prevent civil servants from managing only their own category and neglecting the view of together,” Lee said.

He also touched on the two biggest social issues in Hong Kong – the reopening of borders with the mainland and the housing shortage – during the interview.

Lee said Hong Kong must create favorable conditions and remove obstacles before borders can be reopened, including strengthening its ability to contain the pandemic and vaccination efforts.

“I’ll do my best, but I think it’s going to be a very quick process,” Lee said.

On housing, Lee said the issue couldn’t wait any longer and he hopes to make progress over the next five years.