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Housing Organizations Seek Hotels To Outsource Emergency Homeless Shelters | Local news

Lancaster County Housing Agencies are looking for proposals for hotels that are willing to accommodate homeless people.

Lancaster County Housing and Redevelopment Authorities and the Lancaster County Homeless Coalition are looking for hoteliers to partner with them on emergency housing for four to six months or more.

Authorities anticipate a significant increase in the number of homeless people as moratoriums on evictions linked to the coronavirus pandemic expire in the coming weeks.

Preference will be given to hotels in the Township of East Lampeter, but organizations are seeking properties across the county, according to a tender.

Due in part to an effort led by Tabor Community Services, supervisors in the Township of East Lampeter approved a policy in December that allows hotels and motels in its jurisdiction to become temporary shelters.

The resolution waived the 30-day maximum rental for hotels and motels and allows local housing organizations to work directly with township hoteliers to contract space.

Other non-profit organizations will be involved in establishing shelters by providing referrals from shelters, food distribution and case management.

Staff will be on-site in the new shelter spaces to run the programs, as requested.

Officials said local hoteliers have already expressed interest in the project, but no deal has been signed.

Proposals will be accepted by the redevelopment authority until noon on Friday January 15th.

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