Firm Foundations innovates for a new Capstone clinic and wellness center

On Thursday, September 9, officials from the First Liberty National Bank and the City of Liberty joined staff at Firm Foundations for the grand opening of a new clinic and addition of the Capstone Wellness Center on the corner of Jefferson Drive and from Chrysler Street to Liberty.

Liberty-based Firm Foundations opened a new clinic on Thursday, September 9, at a 1.2 acre site at the corner of Jefferson Drive and Chrysler Street. The new site will allow Firm Foundations to expand its medical practice and add new services through the Capstone Wellness Center.

The new clinic and wellness center represents a significant investment of over $ 2 million in the community, explained Brandon Smith, PA-C and one of the founders of Firm Foundations. After several difficult months to secure funding for the project and to meet the development standards of the City of Liberty, the green light was finally given last week, and Smith couldn’t be more thrilled.

He thanks the City of Liberty, both the staff and the board, and the First Liberty National Bank for their support and assistance as the project encountered a few hitches along the way, one of which was the size of a retention basin to compensate for rainwater. Once these issues and a few others were resolved, the project continued to move forward.

This elevation image provided by Firm Foundations shows how the new Capstone Clinic and Wellness Center will appear after construction.

Bluebonnet News reported on the Capstone Wellness Center in May 2021 when Smith sought and received approval for a 380 deal with the town of Liberty. The agreement provides up to $ 50,000 in property tax allowances that are spread over a six-year period.

One side of the new building will be used for the Firm Foundation clinic operations, the other side being used by the Capstone Wellness Center.

“With 7,000 square feet in the new clinic for our existing operations, we will have space to entice specialists to come to the area. We still hope to add computed tomography imaging to our services. On the west side of the building, there will be 4,000 square feet for the wellness center, ”Smith said. “What I hope is that we use two sources for dance school or physical therapy. It will also have an 800 square foot racquetball court and a gym. We want to make it a friendly place for people to run their own fitness businesses that promote wellness in our community.

Smith predicts that the gymnasium, which will include stationary bikes, seated ellipticals, stairlifts and machine weights, will be limited to 500 memberships. Membership prices are still being reduced, although the goal is to make it affordable.

“We would also like to have a small nutrition area if we can find someone who has a passion for this type of business. A little social element would be great for the center, ”he said.

Another future option is to offer the clinic, at least in part, for an after-hours clinic.

“My hope for the community is that other practitioners will come to run the clinic after hours, and we’ll have a perfect space for that,” he said.

Construction of the new center will be carried out by Pelco Construction of Dayton. It should take between 8-9 months with a grand opening in April or May 2022.

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