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Div Com Jammu examines the implementation of social protection schemes in the districts

JAMMU, DECEMBER 18: Divisional Commissioner Dr Raghav Langer today reviewed the implementation of social protection programs and the functioning of the department in the districts in a meeting attended by the Deputy Commissioners and the personnel concerned via virtual mode.

The Div Com spoke with the assistant commissioners and district social protection officers in addition to the director of social protection Jammu and inquired about the achievements made in the implementation of the social protection programs.

The Div Com urged the deputy commissioners to provide regular support to the welfare department in implementing its plans for the welfare of the oppressed section of society. “The programs offer exemplary support to the needy and therefore the staff in the department have to go the extra mile to expand them,” he said.

The director of social protection, through a powerpoint presentation, gave details of the assistance provided in the form of pensions, scholarships, vocational training and other institutions managed by the department.

The Div Com asked for details of the pending cases of pension payments for the elderly and disabled. He ordered districts to streamline district targets under the integrated social security scheme, ISSS.

Regarding the public demand to lower the age criteria for widow’s pension, Div Com asked the director to submit a new proposal to higher authorities and act on it. The NSAP and ISSS programs were discussed and the performance of the districts analyzed. The Director of Social Welfare informed the Div Com that there has been a year over year increase in the total number of beneficiaries over the past 02 years. In addition, this year an additional target of 60,000 was approved by the government for saturation of the eligible population under the ISSS program.

The Div Com ordered districts to make a wise Panchayat assessment of the number of candidates eligible to receive prosthetics. Wartime efforts must be made, as the honorable lieutenant governor has given explicit instructions in this regard, he added.

Briefing on the disbursement of pre- and post-matrix scholarships, the SWD Director said the department received more than 95,000 applications during the fiscal year, which are undergoing various stages of review.

In issuing strict instructions for the prompt disbursement of scholarships, Div Com said CEOs and ZEOs will be held accountable and their salaries withheld if they do not enroll and provide benefits to deserving students in due time. He also asked the principal to discuss the enrollment of eligible applicants with nodal agents at colleges and universities.

While discussing scholarships for minorities, Div Com looked for a community break. He was told that the application portal is open until December 30.

Other programs such as Pradhan Mantri Adarsh ​​Gram Yojana (PMAGY) and the Special Central Assistance to Scheduled Castes (SCA to SCSP) sub-plan and projects such as the construction of hostels for SC and OBC students were also reviewed by Div Com.

The Div Com ordered all district welfare officers to complete the work undertaken under the SIPDA and SCA programs at SCSP during this fiscal year. During this time, they were asked to forecast the DC land needs for the construction of additional SC & OBC hostels under the centre’s sponsored programs.

The Div Com urged the district welfare officers to make concerted efforts and maintain close coordination with the deputy commissioners to proliferate the benefits of welfare schemes to the target population.