Housing organizations

As eviction ban ends, housing agencies say assistance programs will be essential | Latino voices | Chicago News

The coronavirus-related deportation ban in Illinois is coming to an end. Governor JB Pritzker said the state would allow enforcement of eviction orders after August 31, more than 17 months after the moratorium was published. It comes as city and state direct tenants and landlords to aid grants – which tens of thousands have requested. […]


Western Massachusetts homeowners with crumbling foundations hope for help from Boston

WALES, Mass. (WWLP) – Crumbling foundations have been discovered at homes in Hampden and Worcester counties. This is a problem that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to solve. The 22News I-Team has found out what is being done to try and help owners who are affected by this issue. “We will continue to try […]


Crumbling foundations impact local homeowners

MONSON, Mass. (WWLP) – A mineral that causes concrete to crumble has been used for decades to build homes in the area, resulting in an expensive nightmare for homeowners. 22News’ I-Team discovered that thousands of homes in Massachusetts were at risk of having crumbling foundations. Michelle Loglisci remembers that day in 1997 with happy memories […]


Peach State Health Plan donation helps boost Healthy Foundations Community Resource Village outside LaFayette by $150 million

Peach State Health Plan announced a new partnership with Healthy Foundations to help develop the $150 million Healthy Foundations Community Resource Village, currently under development in Walker County, Ga. This new partnership includes a donation of $25 $000 from the Peach State Health Plan to be used for the construction of an outdoor sports and […]

Social welfare organizations

Welfare organizations overwhelmed by rising Covid-19 death toll

For more than a week, three Yangon-based social welfare groups say they have helped organize around 600 cremations and funeral services each day, as Covid-19 infections rise amid dysfunctional health infrastructure after the coup. ‘State. The health ministry under the junta is widely believed to have underreported Covid-related deaths in the country, saying there were […]


Whose dollars are these anyway? Foundations are rethinking their model

The Nathan Cummings Foundation describes itself as being rooted in “the Jewish tradition of social justice” and “working to create a more just, vibrant, sustainable and democratic society.” He took a very different path from Heron to align his endowment investment strategy with his mission. On the one hand, its founder was not anonymous and […]