Breaking bread: dining halls lay the groundwork for community life in Middlebury

Many quintessential dining room scenes – students yelling at each other across the table, trying to hold a conversation over the deafening din of Ross’ dinner rush, sitting shoulder to shoulder on the floor around the perimeter of Atwater, watching the lunch line stretch the door to lunch, watching from the balcony Proctor to report […]

Housing organizations

Columbia Bank Provides $ 75,000 to Three Northwestern Affordable Housing Organizations in Warm Homes Grants Campaign

TACOMA, Washing., May 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bank of Colombia announced today that, as part of its annual Warm Homes Grants Campaign, it is awarding three one-time grants to $ 25,000 each to the organizations of Idaho, Oregon and Washington who are working on affordable housing solutions. Nowadays, Colombia provided more than $ […]